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Application Engineer

  • 週休二日制
  • 外資



会社名 外資Tier1自動車サプライヤー <業種:機械・自動車 - 自動車/部品>



雇用形態 正社員(期間の定めなし)
勤務地 神奈川県

■Purpose of Job :To manage the cooperative engineering efforts between F-M GlobalValvetrain (GVT) and various engine manufacturers/ OEMs; to coordinate the

manufacturing capabilities of GVT with the requirements of customer applications; to provide guidance and support for design of valves and valve train components; to

interface and coordinate valve manufacturing between facilities.

■Contribution 35% of time interact with customers to coordinate engineering functions and resolve customer issues. 20% of time coordinate design of both production and prototype components; approve and insure that adequate design requirements are met. Provide guidance for efficient and reliable manufacturing processes and mange customer acceptance standards will do 25% of the time. 15% of time to oversee and evaluate returned and failed components from customers; review failure reports and submit analyses to customer. The remaining 5% of time is spent coordinate and direct manufacturing processes to be in accordance with customer

requirements; provide guidance in the creation of internal quality standards and procedures.

■ Customer Service Maintain open dialog with customer engineering departments and specifically engineers responsible for valve train designs. Visits to major customers required to show GVT commitment and support. Keep customer purchasing and quality departments appraised of actions and changes. Advise GVT manufacturing and quality departments of impending customer changes and requirements. Start prototype designs and sample orders.

■Leadership and Independent Action Work independently but in cooperation with account managers to service customer needs; provide authoritative voice for engineering and design of valves and valve train components; maintain a superior level of competence and expertise of engine operation and applications.

■Problem Solving and Decision Making A typical engineering design problem involves the establishment of valve and valve train design proposals. This involves the

determination of dimensional and tolerance requirements to meet GVT’s manufacturing standards and customer requests. Generally this is resolved by working closely with the customers’ engineers and GVT’s Design and Analysis department. A complex engineering design problem is the coordination of a valve train system design with various tier 2 suppliers. This can involve the resolution of durabil


■休日:完全週休二日制 年末年始


■Job Requirements

・Knowledge/Skills Required Bachelor’s degree in engineering required, master’s degree preferred; professional engineering certification preferred; prefer to have

knowledge of the environment and functions of internal combustion engine valves; prefer to have understanding of materials, metallurgy, and heat treatment of valve train components; prefer experience and knowledge of Rotocoil design and function;


年収 600万円 - 950万円
語学力: 要