Brand PR Managerの求人情報なら転職エージェントJAC


Brand PR Manager




会社名 社名非公開 <業種:流通 - 百貨店・スーパー・小売>



雇用形態 正社員(期間の定めなし)
勤務地 大阪府

Leads the company entire marketing/brand PR strategy buildings and activities to cover all the business categories; eyewear,contact lens,and hearing aid,towards holistic external stakeholders;media,community,employees. and consumers.

Reports to the Marketing Director for proposing visions, strategies and plans which are to build the brand reputation among the key stakeholders.

Supervises and grows 1 dedicated PR staff..

Collaborates with internal multifunctional team to manage and execute the marketing PR activities.

Proactively collaborates and supervises if necessary with a corporate communication manager in the employee services function.

Builds the strategic partnership with external organizations such as a PR agency to draw their collaborations to the shared brand vision and goal.(Brand PR)

Builds win-win relationships with strategic influencers such as media, community and sustainably glows the trust with them to build the brand equity.(Media relations, Community Relations)

Makes a strategic decision and performs a professional accountability on both potential and emerging business risks and issues. and proposes an appropriate mitigation plan to the organization as well as to the

Builds the brand CSR strategy and plan and execute.(CSR activities and communications)

Responsible for continuous improvement in investment efficiency on the marketing PR activities to maximize ROI.

Develops new ideas and plans of the company and marketing and brand PR activities from the scratch and gain commitment from the senior management on the proposals.



■Experienced in marketing PR as a mandatory, and experience in corporate communication and employee communication will be definitely a plus.

■High communication and collabiration skills to drive consensus, but make tough choices when necessary in some cases between the senior management, strategic influencers, or stakeholders under challenging situations with conflict of the interest.

■Be able to work independently and find clarity in ambiguity to innovate the marketing PR activities.

■high analytical skill to investigate the complex problems, identify key issues and mechanism to tackle, and propose solutions to business/brand building.

■Fluent in written and spoken English and Japanese.

■Availability for travel in domestic and international.

■Strong passion for winning.

■Must be willing to make tough decisions and challenge the status quo.


年収 600万円 - 900万円