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Senior Analyst

  • 転勤なし
  • 週休二日制
  • 外資



会社名 社名非公開 <業種:メディカル・バイオ - 製薬>


雇用形態 正社員(期間の定めなし)
勤務地 東京都

The primary responsibility of Sr Analyst for Japan commercial data management is to

support the commercial organization from the apect of efficiency and

integrity with the full usage of the available technologies.

Specifically, it is expected to

1) ensure the integrity of various master data used in commercial area with timely maintenance.

The scope of data is not limited to the internal data but those from 3rd parties like ULTMARK or Encise. * The contractual window with 3rd party is out of scope of this position.

It should still be managed by operational excellence.

2) contribute to the efficiency of the ad-hoc reporting conducted by Operational excellence from technological aspect

3) ensure the smooth opeation for CRM (IMS Mobile integillence) by providing the reps with day to day application support

4) familiarize the usage of CRM system to the newly hired reps by timely training

The secondary responsibility of this position is for the support of communication,

which is not limited to the commercial organization.

Though this position is not supposed to be involved with the projects except commercial

area, broad understanding to the wide variety of technology is expected to make the

communication to the users easier.

From technology aspect, this position should be familiar with web

and social technologies, so that it can provide users with technical support around

communication and collaboration platform.

As its nature, this position requires excellent communication with stakeholders,

so as to explain the latest technologies with layman words not only in Japanes but also English



Minimum 3 years of IT application implementation

Minimum 1 year of application support for commercial area including CRM.

Positive mindset with logical thinking preferred


年収 700万円 - 1000万円